APAD. Day 22. Ice cream.

What can I say, I love ice creams. They are creamy, they are sweet, and they are cold. Just the kind of thing to lift your spirit when you are feeling low, or to celebrate when you are feeling good. That is to say, we just went downstairs and had ourselves some ice creams. Yumm!

Which brings me to this picture.


©renderdan via Flickr.

This kid has obviously just enjoyed some ice cream. Look at him beaming. I love the cream beard he has got from licking the ice cream cone.

That’s the right way to eat ice cream. You get down and get dirty.

Unfortunately you can only get this privilege when you are really young. Every other time, the world may think you have lost it.


What was our reason to go down for ice creams?

My five year old said she was having stomachache. Now I can tell you from experience that what she feels, the intensity of it, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the barely-there and 10 is excruciating pain, she feels 1 and expresses 10.

But I know her. She’s my kid. I asked her, “So you have stomachache. Which means you don’t want ice cream.”

Her eyes now hold that twinkle I know. But she is still in the role, so to speak.

Very meekly she says, “I do.”

“But won’t you have trouble walking down to the shop dear?”

“I can walk a little.”

“I don’t want to trouble you baby, you seem to be in pain.”

“It’s not paining that much.”

Tee hee!

Whaddid I say? I know my girl. One cone of black currant ice cream, and we all lived happily ever after!

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