APAD. Day 23. Hachiko.

By now everyone who reads my blog, knows about my love of dogs. Those who haven’t read my previous post can read it here.

Naturally, when I saw the movie Hachi starring Richard Gere and an Akita, I was moved to tears. No really, I cried like a baby in the end. Dogs are such wonderful, amazing creations of God. You can’t fathom that unless you are a dog-lover yourself.

It reminded me of my own baby Alexander. Ganya we would call him. He and I grew up together. He was faithful for a long time to my dad, but when he passed away, much of his attachment shifted to me. We were inseparable till the day he died. He would sleep curled up near my feet. On cold nights, I would bury my toes under his warm furry body. Every morning when I’d wake up, and go to brush my teeth, his little paws would pitter patter behind me. He never left my side. Ever.

Unfortunately dogs get older faster. When I was twenty, he was already an old soul. Suffering from epileptic attacks, which left him tired, and disoriented for some time, his attacks progressively worsened till one day he never recovered.

But he waited for me. He waited till I came back from the hostel, and breathed his last in my lap.

This post is dedicated to him.

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia


Hachiko (from the Japanese Hachi meaning 8.. he was the eighth pup, and ‘ko’ meaning prince) was taken in by a Japanese professor as a pet in the year 1924. Everyday from that day till May 1925, when the professor died, Hachiko would wait from him at the train station.

Even after the professor’s death, Hachi continued waiting at the train station, everyday for the rest of his life. Nine years, Hachi waited to meet his professor who never came back. He became a national figure after an article about him gained the national attention, and became a symbol of loyalty.

Eventually he died at the same spot in March 1934. He had terminal cancer and filariasis.

Today, a statue sits in the same place as his waiting spot.

Wish more people could be like you Hachi.




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