Destination Singapore!

My daughter’s best friend from school is moving back to Singapore in March. What to say, my baby is upset. For the last one year, they have traveled together to school and back. They love spending time with each other, which is why we have made it a point to hang out more often. But sadly, she is moving back to Singapore where her father lives and works. For good.

Maybe that is why, it was natural for us to decide on Singapore as our dream destination this year. For one, my daughter will be able to hang out with her best friend again. And then, Singapore is one of the best international travel destinations!

Much of what I know is from what has been told to me by my friend (yup, all that hanging out brought us close too!) and from the internet. But going through the resources, I realized that it is not necessarily just a place for grown ups. It has multitude of options for a family tour as well. These are the places I have earmarked for visiting.

1. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo



The Singapore zoo is a must visit family attraction with hordes of animals who are brought up in habitats simulating their natural habitats. Saee loves visiting zoos, and loves to see new animals. It adds to her repertoire of animals for doodling. Besides it also has water park, and night safari. Interesting!

2. Sentosa Island


Sentosa Island is where most of the attraction lies. Universal studios which is a one of it’s kind amusement park with Madagascar, and Shrek 3d themed rides, the underground aquarium with over 2500 aquatic animals will be a hit even with my younger daughter, the Fort Siloso museum… The butterfly park and insect kingdom is a sure shot winner with my girl. With over 15000 live butterflies, she is bound to be excited. The Songs of the Sea a musical fountain, and Sentosa 4d Magix the 4 dimensional theatre also sounds interesting.

3. Esplanade


And while we are at it, we would definitely like to make a visit to the Esplanade. With a wide variety of shows and workshops this is a must visit for me and my husband. There is a play time programme for kids as well, which gives me and my husband some time to be together, just us.

4.Budda Tooth Relic Temple

buddha temple

What can I say, I am a spiritual person. Besides the pleasure of visiting a new city is not just in visiting its museums, and clubs, but also in knowing its spiritual side. I hope to instill a sense of the same in both my daughters. A love of knowing a city in its completeness.

5. Singapore Botanical Gardens



The Singapore botanical gardens has three main zones, the heritage, the tourist and the knowledge seeker. Each one has it’s own charm. There is also the Swan lake that is bound to get my little girl clucking with glee. The younger one loves birds and animals! I guess she got that from me. I love animals too. I once wanted to be a vet, but that is besides the point. I often talk besides the point. (*rolling my eyes*)

How do I plan on getting there?

I do have a tendency to plan every last bit of my travels. I plan everything from the hotels we will be staying in, to the transport options to the clothes we will be taking. Yup, I usually end up carrying a lot more than I need, but I prefer traveling smart.

This time, I will be booking my travel with Skyscanner.




This award winning website has been functioning since 2001.  I can not only find the cheapest flight options available, but book my hotels and car rides all from the same source. Besides it is free. They don’t charge you anything for linking with the airlines or travel agents. No hidden charges at all. When you look for a hotel, the tariff is calculated automatically based on the number of rooms you would require and the number of days of stay (from the details you enter while looking for the flights) Smart, isn’t it?

The car hire option is just a bonus. Perfect for a list maniac like me. 😀

Singapore, here I come, traveling smart!

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4 thoughts on “Destination Singapore!

  1. Yes, Singapore is a great place to visit. A colleague of mine visited this place last year. She wanted to give us gifts from there but wasn’t allowed by the immigration officer at the airport. Oh well.

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