APAD. Day 24. Cheesy about cheeses!

What’s the whole deal about cheeses anyway? I might be committing a foodie blasphemy here, and I wish all of you to pardon what I am about to say.


Now there are some people who might go ooh and aaah over this picture. It showcases most of the couture cheeses.Gouda, goat cheese, and the ever pungent blue cheese. Here’s my cheese experience.

  1. The first time I had heard the host of a food show singing praises of the blue cheese, I was curious! I had never known anything apart from the good old processed Amul cheese, at best the cheese wedges, slices and the most I ever knew about other cheeses was the Mozzarella cheese.
  2. Even knowing that word “mozzarella” was a big thing back then.
  3. The first time I ever had blue cheese, was when I found it in hyper city. Too bad, I never tried it before I bought it. I excitedly bought packages of gouda, feta, mascarpone, philadelphia and blue cheese and blew a hole in my pocket. Yup, an entire month’s salary worth of cheeses.
  4. I then made the huge mistake of putting a chunk of blue cheese in my mouth. It was gross! Forgive me, but yeah, it was horrible. I thought it must be because I have eaten it as it is, I added it to some sauces. Nope. I absolooodely hated it. The blue thing in the cheese is a fungus, mind you. That is what imparts the slightly metallic, pungent and rather ugly taste to the “blooooo cheese”.
  5. I had the gouda, it wasn’t bad. It was rather like processed cheese, so safe to say I couldn’t tell the difference. I still prefer the good old processed cheese.
  6. I had the parmesan or parmagiano reggiano, to be more stylish. It tasted like… I rather not mention here. Yup, I prefer processed cheese on my pasta, so sue me!
  7. I’ve had these cheeses with wine. You know the “wine and cheese” thing. I drank the wine, and royally ignored the cheese.
  8. I also don’t get the deal with cheese, cherry, pineapple on a stick. You could serve them in plates and it would make no effing difference whatsoever. Nope, I don’t like it either.
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cheese. I love it on my pasta, on my pizza and in my sandwich. But that’s as far as I am willing to go.
  10. I did like the cheese fondue, but when it comes to fondues, I prefer the chocolate variety. Ooh yum!

But yeah, I do love butter.

I am sorry I don’t know how to end a topic on cheeses!


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3 thoughts on “APAD. Day 24. Cheesy about cheeses!

  1. You are very right regarding cheeses.
    We from Bharat never needed to develop a taste for cheeses.Our country has spices,vegetables,grains,pulses,cereals and fruits in such plenty along with fresh milk and milk products that we never had the need to cure ‘cheeses’ as they do in the West.
    In fact Bharat is a land which did not boast of wines and beer.
    Cheese and beer and wine are considered ‘tamasic’ foods in our culture.
    It is believed in the occident that the more the cheese stinks the better it is!
    So what is there for us to comment!
    You need not be apologetic at all as to how to end the topic on cheeses!

    Our good old Amul is the best in case we need to eat cheese.

    So ‘cheese’ is just to be said in front of the camera when you are being clicked!

  2. Since living in Delhi I totally get you that Amul cheese is the favourite here or on your pizza. If you’re not brought up with cheeses, it is harder to appreciate. I looove cheese. Brie, camembert, feta and even blue cheese! But I was brought up in Australia and from an early age ate them with wine 😉 nice post, found you via bloggers network.

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