Happy times (Holidays)

What a wonderful vacation I have been on this past seven days! First of all, vacations by themselves are an amazing way to recharge your tired batteries and secondly they allow you to have some much needed time for yourselves. Before we embarked on our journey, I was deadbeat and at the end of my tether. I was also burning out and falling short of imagination. Thanks to this vacation, I have a numerous things to talk about.

©Ganpatipule temple, Maharashtra

©Ganpatipule temple, Maharashtra

The best part of this particular Goa vacation was being able to connect to the child within me. Having no chores and taking a forced break from blogging meant that I had that much more time to spend with my kids, play with them, swim with them, and teach them some cool stuff.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

I also got to complete a few set of goals I had chalked out for myself at the beginning of this year.

One of these was not worrying about my body image and wearing a swimsuit in public. I found an amazing XXL size swimwear on Beach CompanyWhile I did not wear it on the beach, I did manage to step out confidently in it into the swimming pool. I can’t even begin to tell you what a wonderful experience that was. I had learnt swimming when I was thirteen years old. After that while I was still svelte I did some swimming of and on. My stamina was for around 8 laps uninterrupted.



But then high school board exams happened, followed by dental college, followed by marriage and pregnancy. When I put on some weight, I got conscious about swimming in public. I had given up on the one activity I enjoyed. But this particular vacation, I was determined to shed my inhibitions about my weight issues. When I first stepped out, it was very awkward for me. But once my feet touched the shining blue waters of the pool, I was a goner! In the pool I jumped and swam like I had been dreaming about for the last eighteen years. I was surprised that I hadn’t lost my technique. Yes, the stamina was lesser than what it used to be, but that is to be expected. Still, I could manage even underwater swimming and backstroke.

@Mangueshi Devasthan

@Mangueshi Devasthan

I tried to teach my kid to swim, but she was a bit afraid of the deep water. I let her splash about in the kiddie pool instead. My baby though enjoyed bouncing with me in the deep pool.

It was all just too magical.

frolicking in the beach @Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

frolicking in the beach @Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

Mom making sand sculptures (?) ;-)

Mom making sand sculptures (?) 😉


My attempt at making a sand castle

My attempt at making a sand castle

We also went to the beach and had a fun time building sand castles and soaking in the sea water. As a bonus, I also made my first oil on canvas painting. Club Mahindra offers a lot of holiday activities for the whole family and this was just one of them. While I spent my time making the oil on canvas painting, my mother and my daughter painted masks. We all got a chance to unleash our creativity.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

The travel bit was a little stressful, owing to the fact that the roads are quite full of snake-like turns and we had two old women and two young kids who were all pretty much prone to motion sickness and tiredness. My baby got cranky every time we traveled by car, and it was a trying time for all of us. But once we reached our destinations, she became her usual chirpy self.

Watch out for my travel posts on my other blog Parent Avenue about traveling with kids, dealing with motion sickness and making the trip a pleasurable one for everyone concerned.

Also watch out for my posts here about traveling with the older generation, because traveling is stressful for them as well.

I will be writing a detailed description about our stay at Emerald Palms (Club Mahindra), Varca beach, Goa in some time too.

Now that I am refreshed, reenergized and feeling like a go-getter I am back to blogging with pleasure and happy to keep it updated once again.

Thanks to all my lovely friends who missed me and are so happy to have me back. 🙂


did you miss me?


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