My Bloggy Favs

Writing this post for the Write Tribe’s Festival of Words‘ Day 2nd (March 3rd).

As a prompt for today, I am supposed to write about the blogs which I enjoy and follow the most. There are so many blogs which are a staple to my reading diet, but I feel some of them are the ones which give me the maximum enjoyment. I am a foodie, so I’ll write about my go to blogs for recipes first.

There are many in my family and friends who think that my family is lucky to be able to eat something new almost everyday. God knows, I try. The reason for this is that personally, I do not like to eat the same food over and over again. It is plain boring and unimaginative. You needn’t make an elaborate fare to be different, and this is what I found out from most of these blogs when I first started out. Just a few simple ingredients, twisted to taste with a world of difference.


Joy of Baking

Stephanie Jaworski is an über-talented baker. Everything she bakes looks so tempting not only in her videos but also in her write ups. All her recipes are easy to follow and most of them have a video tutorial to make things simpler for the reader to understand.

She doesn’t limit herself to baking though, you will also find candy making recipes on her blog too! She is how I learnt to be a baker. She is my inspiration, she is the reason my cakes are adored by one and all.

My way of saying thanks to the most prolific baker out there!

Thank you Stephanie 🙂


Here I’ll include all the blogs I follow for recipes including Indian and non-Indian.

Padhu’s Kitchen

Sailu’s Food

All Indian foodie blog readers know about these two blogs. They specialize in South Indian fare and it has been a pleasure following their blogs. My husband, in particular, enjoys South Indian food, and every time I follow their recipes, I earn a badge of merit from him.

But the best part is that they also post recipes to other cuisines as well.

Thanks to both Padhu and Sailu for their super awesome blogs. 🙂

Vah Re Vah

Chef Sanjay Thumma is not only a great cook, but he explains everything with his signature style. Watching his videos is pure fun! I also love his quirky accent which makes him all the more endearing. I learned how to make pav and puff pastry from his blog.

The latest I made from his recipes was the Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani. The chicken was succulent and flavorful. The rice was fragrant and long, and long after we finished the Biryani the memories of its aroma and ambrosial taste still linger in our minds 🙂

Thank you Chef Thumma, you are the best.



The next comes Mommy Blogs.

When I started my journey to parenthood, I didn’t have much help from anywhere. I didn’t know what to do with this newcomer in my life. This absolute wonderful being was sometimes in misery and I didn’t know how I could alleviate some of her trouble. I was the first person in my group to get married and have a baby. No one else knew anything about this and I was lost. Following these blogs felt like I had friends somewhere out there, who supported me and guided me with gentleness and without judgement. They told me about common problems and their solutions, recipes and products which I could use for my baby.

This is why I could start my own parenting blog. I felt, that now that my friends are becoming mommies themselves, they too might need help. Sometimes assurance, sometimes guidance. So thanks to these Mommy Blogs who helped me be the best Mommy I could ever hope to be 🙂


Poonam is an awesome blogger who has now branched out to making custom cakes in her Zoey’s Bakehouse. This amazing woman has now turned her talent for baking and making cute little fondant figurines into an roaring business. She is my first foray into the parenting blogs genre 🙂

Thanks Poonam 🙂

The Mom Views

Swapna Thomas has won awards for her blog The Mom Views. She writes everything from her heart. Every word is dripping of passion and conviction. When I first started out blogging, she was the one who encouraged me in all my posts. Over time, she has become more of a mentor than just a friend. She has willingly guided me in my baby steps.

Not just me, she now has another blog Mom Biz Cafe which aims to guide other women bloggers and entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.

I can’t thank you enough Swapna. I will forever be in your debt 🙂

A Spoonfull of Ideas

Meet Poornima. Fellow blogger, a skilled craftswoman and an endearing friend. I am just so glad I met her. I have followed her blog from quite some time, and it never fails to amaze me what this woman can make. Some of her DIY stuff is just so amazing it blows your mind away.

She has now begun her own little venture selling Craft Kits for Kids. She sent one for my daughter, and my daughter’s vacation since has become most joyful and most importantly, busy.

Love you Poornima 🙂


Leonie Dawson

This Blogger Goddess has made life easy for millions of women through her blog and her workbooks. Her workbooks are a raging success worldwide. But even if you don’t buy her workbooks and instead just follow her blog, you will still end up with a treasure trove of knowledge to shape your destiny the way you envision it to be.

Thanks Leonie for enriching mine and the lives of many like me.



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