Three questions about the two latent women in my life.

One of my girls is stuck like glue to the iPad and the other is playing with the dolls saying, “Ya ya ya ya ya!”

I had a conversation with my beautician the other day. Her kids are now tweens. She was telling me how it was the most difficult phase in her parenting journey till now. How kids have a mind of their own, and every reprimand is mentally blown out of proportion. How you have to tread eggshells trying to make them understand the ways of the world.

I see my girls right now and wonder, what will it be like seven to ten years from now when both my kids will be teens. I have to admit, I worry about that phase every single day.

Was it like that when we were teens? Probably must have been. We for one were an exceptionally freedom-loving generation for sure. Our parents must have worried sick about us too. But today the issues are quite different.

Let me put it this way.

I recently came to know of a fifteen-year-old who came to a doctor I know for an abortion, and couldn’t because the pregnancy was already well advanced. 

How do I make sure that I empower my kids with the right to discern between the right and the wrong?

How do I make sure that my daughters know how to tell the difference and make the wise choice?

How do I make sure that my daughters know how to stand up for themselves?



I invite discussions on this topic because honestly, I have not a single clue.

Right now though, I just enjoy the babbling of my baby and tell myself that there is still some time.

10 thoughts on “Three questions about the two latent women in my life.

  1. Dear Gauri,Stop fretting.Your daughters are still in their eggshells.Have faith,In yourself,your daughters and your upbringing.Didn’t we do the same for you?Have you given us the cause for repenting your decisions?Love them for sure but don’t smother them with your love.Give them space to grow.Give them assurance that you love them no matter what.There is nothing like a good dialogue between parents and children.Be open with them about the ways of world and the pitfalls.Lead them by example.Be a woman you would like them to be.Imbibe the good values in them.Then sit back,relax,enjoy their journey from childhood to womanhood.You’ll never get these years back.Trust me,not because I’m your mother,but because I’ve walked this path long before you.I’ve seen you growing from a baby to a mature young woman.And so will your daughters.Love you and my lovely grand-daughters.

  2. Hi Gauri, though I am only 24 and half, but I have this feeling that parenting is the toughest phase in an individual’s life… I don’t really have a suggestion but I believe good education and indulging the kids in good activities makes them wise for their age and they will choose wisely between good and bad themselves… great post 🙂

  3. First up, a cute pic, Gauri. Lovely photography 🙂 And that expression on the little one’s face is priceless !
    Yes, so many ‘How do we’s for us to ponder, research and answer ! Agree to every single concern of yours. As a young mom myself, I wonder how my mom would’ve thought about all this and worried herself to hell while bringing me up. I guess the age-old wisdom shall always be there for us to bank upon…
    A timely topic, appreciate this !

    • Thanks Sreeja, the kids grow up so soon! it seems like only yesterday i held her in my arms for the first time, and now she is a first grader! Before i know it she will be a teen. It is better to be prepared 🙂

  4. I recently became the father of a boy. Right now I’m enjoying his growing up years, but sometimes I think about how I’m gonna deal with upbringing issues when he reaches his teens. It’s really scary.

  5. First., they are cute babies. Worry not, I am sure you will give them a good education and teach them what’s and what’s not. You will instill the right values in them to respect human beings and instilling of a good, strong education that will make them stand tall. I agree parenting is a tough call.

  6. Very true. Even I feel the same. Kids grow up so fast. They learn a lot in school too.
    Parenting is tough in today’s age.
    But, all will be well as they are our kids! Our values & teachings should help! 🙂

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