Book Review: Double Jeopardy by Sundari Venkatraman

I am an incurable romantic at heart. I love love LURRRRRV everything that has to do with romance, the candle-lit dinners, the wooing, the gifts… the works. Which is why I jumped when I was getting the chance to review Sundari Venkatraman’s Double Jeopardy.

imageI finished reading the book in just a couple of hours and given that I have two kids which in itself is self-explanatory to most, it can be construed that this book is an engaging read. The language flows effortlessly, as you delve into the lives of Sanya, Ansh and Arth. Their confusion becomes yours. You can’t wait to find out what happens in the end.


Sanya, moved along with her parents to London after spending many years with the Sharmas and their twins Arth and Ansh. Ansh, the perennial trouble-maker had given a hard time to Sanya in her childhood, and she was always protected by the gentle and sweet Arth.

After nurturing a passion for Arth for years, she returns to India to spend her vacations with the Sharmas with the express intention of winning over Arth, only to find herself drawn to the irresistible charms of Ansh.

How will she ever choose between the love of her life, and the newfound passion for his twin?

Double jeopardy!

sundarivenkatramanSundari Venkatraman weaves a fantastic tale in a fluent writing style. The plot never slows down nor fails to intrigue you. She describes exquisitely the locations, the people and the situations. The characters are well drawn and identifiable. They connect with you and help you experience their confusions.

The language is easy and contemporary and makes an instant connect with the reader.

The book is priced reasonably so that’s “double” the good news.

Double Jeopardy is the romance fix for the hopeless incurable romantics like me!


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