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After she had picked up the shattered pieces of her dream, she looked at herself in the mirror. This worn out woman, this shadow of her former self, was this truly her?

Or was this just a sad reflection of the reality she was now faced with.

Maybe it was a mirage, or maybe not. The life that she had always dreamt of. The happily ever after, the holding hands into the sunset. All gone, in a matter of days.

It was all over, the day he said those words. “I want a divorce”

There was no going back now, she thought as she stared forlornly at the signed papers that lay on her bed.

But now she had had enough. She had wallowed in her misery way too long. It was time to gather the shreds of her life and put them together again.

It was time to let go.


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She rose slowly from the bed and willed herself to take the next few steps when every bone in her body was screaming to stop.

Splash. The water felt cool and relaxing on her face.

She took a deep breath as she opened her cupboard and picked out a salwar kameez. No longer did the sight of all the clothes he had gifted her bring forth any emotion. If anything, she felt relieved.

She put on a light dab of make up, and tied her hair back into a long wavy ponytail.

She took one look at the mirror, and before dialing her best friend’s number, thought to herself, “Today, is the harbinger of a new sunrise. Today I’ll begin the rest of my life.”


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