The Babaji

For months he had suffered from attacks of breathlessness and chest tightening. The scariest of all things was the rise in his heartbeat, as if in a race with time. Not now though. Now he was feeling refreshed, as if a weight had been lifted off his heart. He felt the youth, the fountain of energy coursing through his veins. He felt his heart begin to heal, and he smiled to himself. Must remember to thank Babaji for healing him completely.




Ramesh let an evil grin escape, once he saw Mr. Gupta leaving. Faith does work wonders. Healed heart indeed!



write tribe

This post has been written for Write Tribe’s 100 Words on Saturday 2014 – #9. The prompt was He/she felt his/her heart begin to heal.


17 thoughts on “The Babaji

  1. Would it be right to call this a Placebo effect?

    The human mind can work wonders. And quacks are really good at taking advantage of this.

    Nice writeup. 🙂


    Updated my blog last night. Do drop by.

    • CRD, it’s not even placebo effect, I have seen patients with diabetes with blood sugar as high as 425, and refusing to go to physician because they have been taking their favorite baba’s medicine. This is how affected they are by their babajis.

  2. faith…..wonder if it’s good to do so for medical reasons…not sure…but wonderfully written , an important fact of life in India ‘the trust on babajis’

    • It is everywhere, from Gaothi medicines, to so-called ayurvedic but really fake roadside medicines. And it’s not just the uneducated class which gets affected… this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for commenting Naba 🙂

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