B – Bird Feeder (A2Z April Blogging Challenge 2014)

This is one of the projects for Saee’s school’s CRAFT BANDWAGON that we made together.


When I was picking out projects for Saee, I had four criteria in mind.

1. It had to be easy

2. It had to be economical

3. It had to be useful

4. Saee should learn something important from the project.


I found that the bird feeder satisfied all these criteria. It was easy as 1-2-3 and taught Saee the importance of caring for other living things.

This is the finished product.

bird feederAs you can see it used just four things which were already present in my house.

  • An old water bottle
  • four plastic spoons (or you can use any other material
  • A thread
  • A mixture of grains for feeding.

Begin by making a circular mark with a marker at a spot one inch above the bottom of the bottle.

Turn the bottle by 90 degrees and make a similar circle 2 inches above the previous one.

Continue this way till you have four marks.

Now make an X mark opposite the circular marks. (These steps can be done by your kid)

Now cut holes along the circles and cut along the X marks with a sharp craft cutter. (This step has to be done by you)

I did not use a cutter. I used an old sewing needle, heated it up nice and good and poked a hole. I also used an old blunt knife to make slits on the X marks.

Make four additional holes near the top of the bottle.

Now string your plastic spoons in the circular marks all the way through the X marks.

String a thread through the top holes. Tie up the string at the top. You can hang the bird feeder with the help of this.

Open the bottle cap, and pour your grains into the bottle.

in action

in action


  1. It helps to have a funnel through which you can pour the grains into the bottle.
  2. Before adding the grains, plug the openings with small rolls of tissue paper. This way the grain won’t fall off. Hang the feeder in place, then unplug.


The upside to this project is: It satisfies all my criteria, plus you can make it your own with a little personalization. Add a few buttons or strings or color to decorate the thing.

The downside: I couldn’t think of any!


Here are some other bird feeders that are cuteness personified.

Willow Bank Community Garden – Bird Feeder DIY


The post where I got my inspiration. Plus that hummingbird is eternally cute!

Mom Endeavors


These bird feeders are really very very easy to make. The only downside is that they are probably good only for tiny birds. Big birds can’t possibly feed out of them. Unless you have slightly bigger tin cans.

Chic Steals


All you need is an empty milk or juice carton, a string and some creativity! Kids can definitely help out in making these πŸ™‚

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Happy DIYing!


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76 thoughts on “B – Bird Feeder (A2Z April Blogging Challenge 2014)

  1. Wow.. beautiful idea. Esp, in this scorching heat!! I’m trying my best to survive and I always thought what such lil birds would do. I’m definitely gonna set this up this weekend. Thanks a lot for the idea, Gauri… πŸ™‚

  2. This is a post after my own heart! I came across this bird-feeder on Facebook. the other two are interesting as well. I will get down to make them and hope that the birds come around visiting! πŸ™‚

  3. This is so creative and such a gud idea..My sister lives in Pune and she keeps a cup of water in her balcony for birds…I will do what you mentioned here once I’m back home…

  4. Quite the creative genius you are! How awesomely simple is that?! Even me who is craft-challenged can give it a go πŸ˜‰

  5. No wonder birds don’t feed when I keep their feed in the bowls. Maybe, they don’t like their bowls. I am going to make them a new one like this. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • You know Pooja, one of the important things I think is to not touch their feed. No matter what. The human smell turns them off. Better to use katori to scoop out their feed. Try it.

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