E – Eraser Stamps DIY – A2Z April Blogging Challenge 2014

Have you ever wanted those cute but expensive craft stamps available in the craft store? What if I told you that you could very easily make some yourself?

Yep. With erasers.

Carve them to get assorted stamps for your little one to enjoy this summer.

Let them weave stories with their assorted stamps.


Things you’ll need

  • Erasers
  • Craft cutter/ exacto knife/ Topaz blade (I know I still have one stashed away for my sewing projects)
  • Pencil.

That’s it.

  1. Make the outline of a cute picture on your eraser.
  2. Now with the exacto knife or blade, make an incision along the outline of the image.
  3. Make small vertical cuts, about 2 mm deep starting from the outline of the image to the outer edge of the eraser.
  4. Slide your blade in horizontally about 2 mm from the surface. This way, you will get rid of a little bit of the eraser and the pattern will begin to stand out.

eraser stamps 2          5. For very tiny patterns, like a small circle within a circle, use a sharp ball point pen to dig out the material. Sounds gross and not exactly a finesse method to do it, but it works.

Keep doing this and you will have your stamps ready in no time at all.

Time it took me: 30 minutes to make four stamps. Two large and two small.

Cost: Rs. 20/- if you are using new material. Me? I had lotsa erasers lying around, and the blade I already had. So my cost? Zero, zip, zilch!


Fun? You bet they are 🙂

eraser stamps

There’s my girl having some fun with the stamps. One is a bus, and the other indecipherable image is a tweety bird. I know it doesn’t look like it from this angle, but it is, it is. hmphh!

Go ahead and make your own. Older kids can do this activity on their own, younger kids may help in making the drawing and the stamping. Cutting, obviously not!

Happy DIYing y’all!

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25 thoughts on “E – Eraser Stamps DIY – A2Z April Blogging Challenge 2014

  1. Thank you so much for the feature!
    And, if I tried to make a stamp out of those tiny erasers, I’d probably lose a finger!! You are so creative!

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