M – Mason Jar Lantern DIY (A2Z Blogging Challenge)

Just type Mason Jar DIY in Google and you will be bombarded with ideas. My idea, therefore is not original. It has been done to death. But I am glad I made this, because it is just so so pretty!

I light a candle in it every night since I made it just because it is so beautiful and it casts such a soothing light in my room. This is one DIY that is very close to my heart. I can keep looking at it for hours!



Besides, it was so easy! It didn’t take me more than thirty minutes to craft this thing!

Mason Jar Lantern


Here’s what I used:

  • An old glass jar of pickle
  • Gold acrylic color
  • paint brush
  • fabric lace
  • Fevi quick
  • A length of floral wire (You can even use a yarn)

First I washed the jar well and removed the label carefully. Soaking it for a couple of minutes and using a metal scrub will make the label come off easily.

Then I let it dry completely.

This was followed by painting the top inch and bottom inch with a gold color. Lay a newspaper flat, place the jar on it and then paint. You don’t want your floor getting messy.

The next step takes a little patience.

Measure out the lace to fit around the glass jar. Take a little extra, you can simply trim it off later.

You may need two such lengths of lace.

I used two lengths and placed them back to back for this interesting effect.

Now place your first lace in position, and dab a drop of feviquick on it. Dab it on all borders. Do not touch! Your skin will burn where the feviquick touches and you will have this tough skin which will not get washed off with water.

If you need to press it in place, use a bobby pin, or a wooden toothpick. Never use your hands.

Dab the glue all around the lace and secure it in position. Let the first lace dry completely (Takes about five minutes)

Repeat for the second length of lace.

Place a small candle in a small metal container. (Could be the lid of a bottle)

Place it in the jar.

I lit mine with the help of a long agarbatti. So it is double the pleasure: Soothing light + soothing fragrance!

mason jar lantern 2


Here is the jar, all lit and fancy! ๐Ÿ˜›


So whaddya guys think?

Happy DIYing!!!



This post was written for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.

Also linking it to the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

Ultimate Blog Challenge



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