N – Never Ending Greeting Card (By Purvee Kekre)

Yep, I have a guest post on my blog today. Only, she is not a guest, she is my sister-in-law who very generously contributed this post to my blog.


Purvee is a multifaceted girl, who can cook, quill and make awesome crafts with equal ease. She is very good at what she does. How she handles a full-time job at TCS and finds time for everything else is beyond me.


I was stuck at the letter N for a while, when I saw the never-ending greeting card she made for her mother-in-law. It was so awesome, and so beautifully done that I was blown away. When she said that it took her only an hour or so to put the whole card together, it was obvious. I had found my N post. But it had to be Purvee who would write it.


This is the card she made:


Over to you Purvee ๐Ÿ™‚

It was my Mother In Lawโ€™s 50th birth day and me and my sister-in-law were thinking of some special gift. What can be more special than a handmade card with full of love!! My Sister In Law showed me this tutorial that caught my eyes!! Though at first I thought its challenging but when I followed this tutorial, it was just a piece of cakes!! Just follow the right measurements and you will end up with a perfect never-ending card. Here are the things you need :

Four sheets of same size having length twice of breadth


Decoratives like buttons, glitter gems, photos, any thing creative you can think of.

You need to glue the sheets as shown in the video and just 3 folds after that , your card is ready.

I kept the theme pink and white. Decorated the front by writing 50 using glossy pink buttons and used glossy pink paper to make the border.

On the second fold, I have drawn butterflies using blue and green sheet as a contrast to give a jhintak look.

On the third fold I used few quotes relating the 50th birth day along with shiny stickers.

And lastly comes the family collage decorated using blue and green sheet again. And as you can see its done in just few minutes !!

We kept four surprises for my Mother In Law, one is this card, one poem written by my SIL and a parlour voucher. And the best surprise was, we four were there over the weekend to celebrate her birth day !! Its fun to be with family, isnโ€™t it?

Hope you will enjoy making this card and yeah waiting for your feedback !!



This was a fun tutorial and a beautiful card, wasn’t it?ย ย 

Happy DIYing folks!





25 thoughts on “N – Never Ending Greeting Card (By Purvee Kekre)

  1. Nice job done by Purveee…… and post by her sister in Law is even more …. beautifull

    littel care for others ….. gives a unlimited affection from others….

  2. Such a distinctive gift! And handmade ones are always special. Whoa- you guys are a talented bunch in the family. I am guessing weekends are full of crafty fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

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