My Blog Divas :)

I was twelve years old, when I was reading an Archie’s comic. Don’t judge me, but I was a huge huge Archie fan. But more than anything, I read the comic series because I loved Betty Cooper. I identified with her. Like her, I was the girl next door, good looking but not glamorous and high profile like Veronica. Betty is a simple girl, with simple tastes in life.

Mostly though, the comics were just regular stuff. One day, however, I turned the page and was surprised to find a story beginning with “Dear Diary,…” Now this was something new for me. I didn’t know why she was writing stuff in her diary, but it interested me no end. I identified with her, and decided that this was something even I was going to do. I didn’t know that it was called journaling back then. It was just me and my thoughts and my feelings that I wrote in a long book that I had reserved separately for this purpose.



betty cooper

Back then, reserving a book was a big deal. We usually got a quota of books for the whole year. They were meant for school only. Besides, I didn’t want my journal to be read by anyone. Which is why I had to be discreet about it. I saved up money, from my pocket money over a period of six months before I was able to buy a long book. It was really precious to me, that first diary. When my town was flooded with water in the year 2000, I lost that diary forever. 😦

But it was the beginning. Somewhere down the line, while pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I forgot all about journaling and the kind of happiness it would bring me. Years later I heard the word blog when I watched the movie Julie and Julia. Again I was intrigued. WTF is a blog? I thought to myself. I went online and searched for the meaning of the term. Because I had recently watched Julie and Julia, I picked food as my subject. For more than a year, I food blogged at Roz Ka Khana. I learnt a whole lot during that one year. I learned how to cook and how to cook well.

julie and julia

Then last year I began Mind Brew. In a few days, this baby will turn one year old. I feel very proud of Mind Brew and all that it has managed to do till now. While I was food blogging, I was mostly alone. Mind Brew has helped me explore a whole new world out there. MB helped me make new friends, from India and abroad. MB has helped me find my voice again. It has reinvented me and I am a happier person today than I was two years ago, thanks to Mind Brew. Today I am at the point where I can go without food, but not without my blog. It is my own private escape. My honeymoon with words 🙂

But more than anything, thanks to Betty for introducing me to the world of writing and all the happiness it would bring me, and thanks to Julie Powell for introducing me to the world of blogging 🙂


This post has been written for Indiblogger’s Indispire. The topic was, What Inspired me to be a blogger? What is it that keeps me going? #bloginspiration



11 thoughts on “My Blog Divas :)

  1. I am someone who has been dabbling with blogging, off and on, for years now. I would write a few posts, get busy, not follow up for months and finally delete the blog. This time I have resolved to take it up in a more dedicated manner – now I only disappear for days, not months 😉
    Anyway, I was impressed on reading your blog. A journal at the age of 12 because Betty did so (I have never been a Archie fan and still I see no reason to judge anyone over it. Please don’t judge that I was and to some extent am, a Chacha Chaudhary and Enid Blyton fan).
    Julie and Julia – I loved the movie too. I was impressed by the very idea blogging about food in such a thorough manner. I still am. Every meal I cook, I am subconsciously thinking about how great it would be to click a few picture and blog about it. I plan to do it too, but I don’t follow my plan religiously… which is why I admire you all the more.
    Cheers for the past and for the future too.


    • Nimi, thanks for visiting and commenting. I have also been a Chacha Chaudhary and Enid Blyton fan too 🙂 Here’s my mantra, take each day slowly but surely. Sign up for prompts if you can’t think of your own topics, at least, initially. It’s like solving a Sudoku. The more you write, the more proficient you become, and the more easily it comes to you. I used to take more than an hour to write a blog post when I started. Now it takes me all of ten minutes, because most of the matter has already been written in my head, and I only have to type it all up.

      I wish you good luck and success in your blogging journey too 🙂

  2. Hey, my blog too will soon complete a year.. And yes, even I can stay without food, not without my blog baby 😛 And btw, I love your line ‘My honeymoon with words’ Keep writing Gauri 🙂

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