U – DIY Cocktail Umbrella (A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014)

Seen those colorful and fantastic looking cocktail/mocktail umbrellas that make whatever you are drinking look so good? My kid loves to have them in her mocktails.

Making these was so easy, I wonder why I never made them before. I actually made this one in fifteen minutes flat!

Check out the step by step images to see what I mean.

Step 1.


Get a good quality craft paper. Mark out a circle using whatever tool you have. I used a bowl. Cut along that circle.

Step. 2:

IMAG0336Mark the center of the circle, but do not fold it or you will ruin the umbrella. I just went by guesswork. Make a cut straight to the center. Use a pencil to make the center a little larger, so that you can pass a skewer through it.

Step. 3:

IMAG0337Overlap the cut edges, and stick them together so your circle already looks like an umbrella.

Step. 4:

IMAG0340I used a sticky glitter Washi tape, but you can use any good tape. Stick a couple of rounds of Washi tape about one inch from the top of the skewer, so it makes a stopper of sorts for the umbrella. Push the umbrella through the skewer, and fasten another Washi tape on top of the umbrella, so it stays in position. I used Washi tape because it looks decorative.

Step: 5:


Ta da!!! Enjoy the look of your cool new cocktail umbrella!

P.S. The paper that I have used came from Poornima’s Crafty Kit. Poornima sells these awesome craft kits, which are an amazing way to keep your kids’ imagination alive, and keep them occupied this summer. Needless to say, as you can see, it has kept me occupied in more ways than one. It has craft papers, foam sheets, glitter foam, googly eyes, ice cream sticks, pipe cleaners and a whole lot of more amazing things. It also contains a surprise gift for your loved ones :). Total value for money 🙂

If you want to order this craft kit too, click here.



Happy DIYing folks!!!



This post has been written for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.

Also linking it to the Ultimate Blog Challenge


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