V- Vegetable Carving DIY (A2Z Blogging Challenge)

Given the amount I was baking for the last few days, I had almost given up on being able to complete this challenge. Almost. Like unto five minutes ago. I still have to deliver a cake this evening, and have it baking in my oven as I attempt to write all the remaining posts for V, W, X, Y and Z.

God help me.

So here goes.

Goes without saying that I won’t spend too much time writing lengthy monologues in each post. Will get right to the topic.

For vegetable carving, I am going to show you an easy Lotus tutorial from a  red onion.

The video is self explanatory. However I have also noted that if you zap your lotus for 5 seconds in the microwave, the petals open up easily and more beautifully.

Here’s mine.

onion lotus


And also a tomato rose and cucumber leaves that I made:

tomato rose

It is obviously better if the cucumber you use is a dark skinned one, as the effect is better.

Vegetable carving is a big avenue. All you enthusiastic DIYers, try your hand at these.

Happy DIYing!!


This post has been written for the A to Z Ultimate Blogging Challenge.



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