Z – Zentangle (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

Phew! I really mean it… Phew!

This is the last post for the A to Z Challenge, and because I was lagging behind, this is my fifth post in one hour!

My cake is still cooling, and I still have to frost it.

But it’ll happen. I am just happy that I could complete the challenge.

All those who were waiting with pom-pons to cheer me, this is where I hit the home run buddies!

This is where I take a bow!

Kidding. 😀

But seriously, this was fun, and I am already thinking about what I will do next year!

For the topic today, have you ever heard about Zentangle? No? Neither had I, until I began this challenge.

For those who are like me, and can’t meditate to save their lives, Zentangle comes to the rescue.

Zentangle is an art of meditating using repetitive patterns, drawn with a black pen on a piece of paper. Let me show you a tutorial.

This Zentangle has been made in blocks. I did mine freehand.

But it was so peaceful, so refreshing!

Take a look at my zentangles



18 thoughts on “Z – Zentangle (A to Z Blogging Challenge)

  1. This is really, really pretty, Gauri! Take a bow 🙂
    And I wonder, how many of the A to Z’ers have started their post with the word ‘Phew!’ – apart from two of us!! 🙂
    Goodluck for next time!

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  3. Lovely Zentangle, Gauri 🙂 Even I love doodling, so I guess this will be my first DIY 😀
    Congrats on completing the challenge !

  4. Your zentangle is beautiful!! This art form brought art back into my life. I will be forever grateful because it is something that makes my soul soar like nothing else does. I had shelved my artistic tendencies for so long! I hope you continue your zentangling and share your efforts here. It will become a regular feature on my blog. Congratulations on completing the A-Z challenge! ♥

  5. Congratulations! Your Zentangles are lovely! Must have taken quite some time for inspiration on what exactly to draw and how to go about it! I saw one in Kathy’s blog too! This looks difficult to me! I may try sometime 🙂

    • Shesha if you are an arts and drawing person then this is not at all difficult. And the idea is not to create beautiful designs. The idea is to focus, and with it meditate 🙂

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