Omved Care – Tender Loving Hair Care {Product Review}

That was one long hiatus from blogging, one not necessarily desired. The rains are here and with rains come the common maladies like flu, runny noses, coughs, and fevers.

Rains also pretty much damage your hair, and when it is hair like mine, it doesn’t take more than a stare to damage it. Of lately my hair has looked anything but the shiny, wavy and full mane that they were once, a really long time ago. I have tried a plethora of products promising to repair damage and return my shiny locks to me, but to no avail. Nothing would bring my frizz under control, and nothing would make the irritating and itchy dandruff go away for good.

Then Omved came to my rescue. I have been using Omved products for only about ten days on my hair, and believe it or not, I can already tell the difference!

Surprising, because I have always scoffed at the efficacy of natural organic products on my skin and hair. Turns out I am a complicated person, because one of my favorite hair care regimens used to be a hibiscus and yoghurt pack, applied twice a month to achieve smooth and silky hair.

But Omved has been such a rich and positive experience! Open a bottle, and the earthy, homely aroma immediately envelopes you in its warm embrace. It doesn’t jarr on your senses but soothes them.

Omved Hydrating Shampoo

What I particularly loved about the products was that they came in tiny amber colored glass bottles, instead of the regular plastic squeezy bottles. You need but a small amount, but if you are expecting it to foam aggressively then you will be disappointed. It doesn’t foam much, but it does leave the hair feeling rather clean and smelling Oh! so heavenly. What I also noticed that after using it for three washes, the itchiness in my head was reduced to a large extent as was the dandruff.

Omved Nourishing Conditioner

Omved 2

The conditioner containing extracts of jatamansi and geranium was like a tonic for my parched hair. It left my hair feeling soft and bouncy and more importantly, manageable.

Omved Keshin Thailam (Hair Oil)

Omved 3

The best method to use the oil is to warm it slightly and apply it evenly on your hair and scalp. Leave it in your hair for an hour minimum and then wash it off.


Omved Hair Pack

Omved 1

At first look, it looks like multani mitti but it is not. Like it says on the pack, it is a nutritional powerhouse for your hair. Most importantly, it incorporates two of my favorite hair care ingredients, hibiscus and fenugreek seeds! Amla, neem, brahmi, yashtimadhu, areetha and jatamansi are just some of the other ingredients in this hair pack.

All I did was mix it up with some yoghurt and applied it evenly to my scalp and hair, and left it there for an hour. I nearly cried with joy when I finally washed it off! My hair hasn’t felt this soft and supple in years! I had my old mane back!



The product price range is between 200 to 600 for hair care products, for a bottle of 125 ml. You can buy their products at Omved stores in most cities. Alternatively, you can order online at


Overall Impression

I have been using these products for only a little while now, but from what I have experienced, I definitely look forward to using more of their products in the long run. Here’s a picture of my hair after using Omved products.

Omved 4


I Recommend:

Omved 7







*All my reviews are based on my personal experiences of the products mentioned.

**All photographs are ©Mind Brew unless mentioned otherwise.



5 thoughts on “Omved Care – Tender Loving Hair Care {Product Review}

  1. Hi Gauri… what a great review… Very well explained about each product. Believe me my hair is something similar to what you mentioned. Even after wash its frizzy, rough… i also wanted to move back to natural and herbal products and was visiting websites for any offer to buy like the one i have got …. also got the 5% off coupon on coupondunia for Omved. i will buy this hair pack, conditioner and hair oil.. Thanks 🙂

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