Love Chameleon – A kaleidoscopic perspective of love {Book Review}

Mai Shayar toh nahin, 

Magar aye haseen,

Jab se dekha, maine tujhko,

Mujhko shayari aa gayi..

I am no poet. Lord knows I cannot put two and two together when it comes to writing heartrending soulful poems. Once in a while though, you come across poetry, that moves you, that makes you flinch and swoon and cry. Such as the poems I have been reading for the last week or so.

To be honest Love Chameleon is not a book you read voraciously in a day or two. It is a book, which like a sweet ambrosial delight, you relish. Bit by bit, it melts on your tongue as you assimilate the flavors, never to forget for a lifetime.

Love chameleon book cover

The book begins with a prologue, a promise is made to keep you enthralled with the twisting of words designed specifically to insinuate twisted feelings and emotions when a person is in love.

I quote,


The Quintessential

Love Chameleon,

Offer this book,

To my many loves,

And some consummated,

Some who forgot,

And some that waited,

To each, I gave,

A fragment of my soul,

The profundity of my love,

The largesse of my heart,

My life has been made whole,

By living in parts.

Nidhi Saxena

Love Chameleon.



You are not disappointed. The book has been divided into five parts. Each part is assigned to an aspect of love.

Part one, Love Chameleon is all about the unbridled passion of first love. All the shades of love from lust to angst to jealousy, are beautifully rendered by the poetess, in what is a modernistic style of poetry. It invokes in us a sense of longing and makes us flinch with the crudity that is often the millstone of first love. The poet explores it all, from the one true love which we all beseech, to the unrequited love, multiple lovers, infidelity, the frenzied asinine emotions associated with that which is called love. Just like a chameleon in all its motley colors.

The second part is devoted to the irreconcilability of parting. The angst of separation, the desolation that remains in the abysses of the heart when the one you love has moved away, never to look back.

In the third part the poetess explores the nuances of longing. The desire burning once again like an inferno, for what is love if not one hell of an emotion? In the fourth part she discusses the other aspects of love, ones that are not always accepted by the society. The queer, the gender bender… they all find a place in this garden.

In the final part of the book, the poetess digresses a little from the primary focus to write poignantly about the big fat Indian marriage brouhaha, engagement, and seven-year itch. But the most piercing of all is this poem, which when read is like a stab in our conscience, about the recent happenings in our nation.


For most part, I was utterly absorbed into the lyrical poems. Some touched my heart to the core. The poet has a deep understanding of love and all its subtle nuances. The language is flowing and modern and manages to make a connect with the reader. The poetess is unafraid, to say the least to uncover ugly truths, to unfurl the mystery of unwanted and to delve into the dark aspect of love. One of my favorite poems in the book is about the Minotaur. A mystical sinewy beast of lustful, untamed passions who is out to get his next prey.

Poems like Love Virus, Love Tumor may sound silly, but they are not. The metaphor is justified.

The rains were the perfect setting to read this book. The rains pouring out the window, and reading Love Chameleon with a coffee mug in your hand is probably the best way to absorb it in its totality.


nidhi saxena

Meet Nidhi Saxena, the extraordinary mind behind the poetry. Born in Allahabad, she is an entrepreneur, a budding activist and a writer. Love Chameleon is her first published book of poetry. Her poems have been written over 20 years, and it shows in her writing. The poems progress naturally from the aggressiveness of the youth, to the acceptance with age. She uses impeccable language to express what is at once subtle and at the very next moment wild and provocative. Truly a master craftsman!


You can find the book at,, and FlipKart. The book costs about 400 on Flipkart for the paperback version.


my favorite verses

If you are now in, or have ever been in love, this book is for you. For it takes someone with romance set within the deepest confines of their heart to truly comprehend the beauty that is Love Chameleon.







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