Black Mamba

Photo credit: ©Shailaja V via The Moving Quill

Photo credit: ©Shailaja V via The Moving Quill

He was the Black Mamba. Feared and respected secret agent.

But not here at this reunion.

Here he was once again the little school boy watching butterflies out of his classroom, mesmerized by their beauty.

Here he was the dreamer, the poet.

At long last, he was Bipin once again.



Linking this post to The Fiction Challenge: From 15 to 50. Hosted by the super talented Shailaja V of The Moving Quill.


The challenge is to use the prompts into a single post, to write a piece of flash fiction no less than 15 words and no more than 50 words.

The prompts were:

The picture prompt was the picture shown above.

The word prompt was: Reunion.

The phrase prompt was: At long last.



25 thoughts on “Black Mamba

  1. That’s beautiful! I’m discovering ways to think like that! All I cold imagine was writing about the butterfly 😛

  2. Loved that contrast Black Mamba to Bipin. No matter how successful we become it’s always a pleasure to revisit your childhood. Nice.

  3. Wonderful take on the prompt Gauri 🙂 Stepping out of the hectic life and rejoicing moments is at times all you need! 🙂

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