Where love resides.. my dream of a home.

Do you remember my first post of the year? I had listed 100 personal goals for the year 2014. Let’s just say that we are more than half a year past, and I still have plenty remaining to do. The focus word for this year was “Art”. I want my life to be artistic and filled with colors. Colors that represent the beauty and the colorful heritage of India.

When hubbs and me stepped into this house, right after our wedding, it was just a house that we bought. There wasn’t much in this 1BHK that we could call ours. Every wall was a stranger, every corner was an alien.

We began the slow process of making this house our home bit by bit. We usually didn’t have much money left over, after the monthly expenses were deducted. With our meagre means, we first bought a bed. It was a step up from sleeping on two gaadis on the floor, although that had a charm of its own.

When Saee was born, I was a nascent homemaker. I was as new to parenting as I was to homemaking. It was when we really felt the need for something, we went ahead and bought something, that fit our budget. For example, we needed a cupboard to keep my baby’s clothes in, so we went ahead and bought a cupboard. I was too tired of house help quitting when most needed, so we went ahead and bought a washing machine.

After Sayalee was born, our joys doubled. The old Philips television made way for the new flat screen Panasonic LCD TV. The old refrigerator was too small to house the variety of snacks and casseroles I pre made for their growing appetites. So out it went, and in came the new large refrigerator.

The walls became our allies, allowing tiny hands to explore their creativity on them with colors. The corners became our treasure-trove with stories to be reminisced for years later. The curtains became our favorite places to hide while playing hide and seek.

But something still remains. It still hasn’t turned into the home of my dreams. For years, I have wanted to make my house a living proof of my creativity. On one of the walls, I have finally made the Warli painting like I wanted to.


©Gauri Kekre

In keeping with this theme, I hope that I am able to add a few items of decor that would complete the ethnic look that I so long for in my home.

Like this little gem of a wall painting,



The colors of this painting would go so beautifully with the white textured wallpaper. The women from the rustic countryside, as depicted in this picture, are just as colorful albeit simple in their clothing. Simply draped sarees, no pretenses, but bright colors completed by the bright orange vermilion in the parting of their hair. It reminds me of times spent well. Yes, this would definitely brighten up my home.

As will this little side-table, with these little Warli painted miniature flower vases on them.

side tableTC1271


This short side table would liven up just about any space. The carved wooden panel brings to the mind visions of palatial havelis and Rajwadas. I could add a few of my coffee table books on this table. I can almost imagine my kids making a few art pieces of their own, on this very table.

The vases go beautifully with the color and the ethnic theme which I have visualized for my dream home. The Warli painting on the vases is perfect match with my wall Warli.

I do like the idea of Rajasthani handicrafts too, which brings me to this lovely little marble lantern.


What can be more vibrant than this? Imagine this little gem, lit from within on a serene night. I can picture us, sitting around meal, with this lantern casting a soft glow on all of us as we share our stories and happenings of the day. Now that is a reassuring thought, isn’t it?

In this fast paced world, a home is the only haven worth coming to. To unwind, relax and be yourselves. I want my home to be that reassuring place for my children too. When they grow up, I want them to come home to beauty and art. I want them to come home to their culture, their tradition. I want them to come home to themselves.

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6 thoughts on “Where love resides.. my dream of a home.

  1. It’s a very personal journey that you have shared here Gauri… Home is indeed the little refuge from all the adversities we face outside everyday, and bit by bit, with time a roof and four walls of concrete magically transform and start to reflect who we are!

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