Ultra Blog Challenge – September 2014

Call me demented. Yes, do that. Because I am. I have just done the impossible and signed on for three different challenges this month.

1. Ultra Blog Challenge – September 2014

2. NaBloPoMo – September 2014.

The third challenge I have accepted with my second blog Parent Avenue. And that challenge is the ProBlogger by Write Tribe.


Consider this. I wake up every morning at 5 to get lunch boxes ready for my kids. Then I get them ready to go to school. That along with 4 square meals a day, a house to run, groceries to get AND a home business to run, I just am incredibly stupid to have signed on with three challenges. 

But I have.

But like my husband says, “So? Do it!”

That’s exactly what I am going to do.

September, here I come baby!


Except there is that one nagging little question.

what are you going to write about girl???

I think I am going to use this as an opportunity, to finish some unfinished business. 

No, I ain’t going to kill anybody.

Just finishing an unfinished story. A work of fiction.

Finishing this will mean two things:

1. That I finished what I started

2. That I started what I could finish 


So help me God!


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