My name is Gauri and I am mother to two beautiful daughters Saee and Sayalee.  Although I am a dental surgeon by profession, I had to put my career on hold so that I could take better care of my children. But the mind does what the mind does. It didn’t let me rest.

I first started blogging on Roz ka Khana (http://projectindiancooking.blogspot.com) and then things just took of from there. My imagination knew no boundaries, as I stumbled upon recipes and easy to follow crafts. I wanted to bring this to the notice of other moms that DIY crafts are really easy to make, and are a great way to recycle. Enlist your children’s help, and you have a wonderful to-do activity together.

You will also find here a collection of my recipes that I have followed ever since I made my foray into the kitchen. They are easy to make, at least most of the times, and definitely add a variety to suit both your and your kids’ palates.

I have added a review page, where I review just about everything. Whether it is a baby-care product or a home or personal care product, to movies and restaurants. It’s all there.

Last but not the least, there is the blog, where I write about my everyday experiences, whether related to parenting, or being a daughter, wife or a daughter-in-law.

I sure do hope that you find it fun and enlightening. Please feel free to share any of your recipes or know-how with me. I’d be glad to publish them on my website with due credit to you.

Lets brew our imaginations, shall we?


Gauri Kekre

(Editor, Mind Brew)




13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello darling, sorry I am late, but am here! This is simply brilliant and I wish you good luck with your effort, and pray that your mind brews brilliant stuff always and brings to a boil other minds too! I firmly believe “The mind is everything. What you think you become”~ Buddha, so keep it going!
    One of your fans :)))

  2. Came across your blog,
    and pleased meeting a Dental Surgeon too !! 🙂
    the blogging world is of all different professions !!
    Hope to stay in touch ..
    and see you around !!

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