The Art of taking your kids to a Grown-Ups’ Party

Man is a social animal. And so is a woman. Well… Kids are too! They love going to parties and they love being around new people (read: strangers).

Kids love parties almost as much as we do. They love to behave themselves in an exemplary fashion, and do everything as told while their parents have a meaningful and fun chat with their friends. They eat whatever is being served and do not make a mess. They play by themselves and when they feel they are tired, they just find a nice place and go to sleep.

There really is nothing big in taking your kids to a grown-ups’ party right? RIGHT?


Here’s a little guide to all the new parents and parents to be, about the art of taking your kids to a BIG BAD WOLF (read: strangers again!) party.

1. ) Do NOT panic when they start making those faces after they wake up from the ride in the car to find a “strange place” filled to the brim with “strange people”.

They are going to throw a tantrum anyways. Just pull up your pants and be ready for it, da!

2.) Smile a lot, especially when they smear sauces or chutneys on your favorite shirt.

Just a reason to pester your hubby to get a new shirt. Find a tissue paper and wipe the stain right off, while keeping an eye on the brat.

3.) Give your host a tutorial beforehand about the usefulness of melamine and plasticware.

Warn them. They don’t want their precious china shattering. Incase there is china, practice the art of picking up all the dishes and putting them in places where your kids can’t get hold of them. Seriously!

4.) Keep your mind and your mouth open. A lot of half-eaten -soggy-from-sauce starters are going to find their way into your mouth.

As is most of the uneaten food. Watch everyone else as they devour spicy appetizers and gravies while you are already full from your kids’ generousness.

5.) Practice the art of “passing the parcel”.

You and your husband are going to be passing the kids to and fro, while you take turns eating, or using the washroom. Not kidding.

6.) Hide your drink behind you and sip when the kids are not looking.

That is, assuming that you are in fact brave enough to have a drink in the first place!

7.) Carry with you a change of clothes, diapers, wet wipes, milk, baby food, toys, iPad-iphone etc if the kid is older, water, drawing books, colors, activity sheets…

Yup, not kidding again. It is better to be safer than sorry, you know.

8.) Try to leave the venue before they are overtired.

Or carry earplugs for all of the guests.


And assuming that you survived safely, and that your friends no longer ban you from their parties forever, plan well in advance for the next party.

Or don’t plan.

It’s all the same anyway.

Ta da!


Incase you missed my post about “The Art of getting your child’s teeth brushed” on FB, you can find it here.

Watch out for more on “The Art of” series. 😉

Any more tips I missed here?


6 thoughts on “The Art of taking your kids to a Grown-Ups’ Party

  1. Gauri, I think therefore I am becoming more and more unsocial these days. I just cannot handle all these. I can only relate my recent hotel experience when we went for Rajasthan trip. The moment we would enter a hotel room [with all the pretty lamps etc], we would take one look at the nicely done room, take a deep breath and get down to work – one of us would hold the kid and the other would start putting away everything that can be broken…ha ha!

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