Quilled finger puppets – A Review

Forgive me Lord, for it has been ten days since I last posted. The A to Z weariness is now finally waning and I am once again back to my usual, partly-energetic caffeine-propped self.

My sister-in-law Shivani Rege is here, a wonderful and talented young woman. She and her younger son Shashwat are quite literally the fountains of energy, and I find myself enthusiastic and excited in their company.

Two days ago we all went to TimeZone a gaming area for kids at a local mall. The kids of course went berserk playing on the variety of games available. At the end of it, we had a couple of tickets against which we bought this game.



The age recommendation says 8+ to Adults, but we realized that 8 year old Shashwat could not make these puppets. The puppet making was a little daunting even for us adults.

There were three different quilling paper kits inside the box, one tool and one adhesive. The tool is of good quality, but I can’t say the same about the adhesive. It took a few attempts to stick the paper quills together.

There are two leaflets inside the box. Both give quilling instructions. One has basic quilling instructions, and the other a specific tutorial sheet for each puppet making. There are tutorials mentioned for making twelve animal puppets. However the quilling paper kits given, do not co-ordinate with the tutorials. There was only one very thin sized quilling paper kit which had white paper for the zebra, but it was just too tiny for cone making, and it kept slipping off. My daughter’s request for a zebra therefore met with disappointment.

This is however what we could make.



The crocodile finger puppet. I used another set of quilling paper which I already had. It had thicker width, therefore this puppet came out rather neat.

IMG_20140507_203428-2These were the first two puppets we made.


IMG_20140507_215117-3The beautiful flower above has been made by my sister-in-law. This she made with the paper available in the kit, but using a comb to quill the flower.

Stunning isn’t it?



Price of the kit: Rs. 299/-

Overall impression: Not too bad for an older kid, who loves crafting. Definitely not for 8 to 10 year olds. But once you are at it, it is highly addictive.





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