100 Personal Goals for 2014

My first post of the year 2014. Late, late, late as usual. Blame it on the habit of procrastination. One which I plan to change this year… yep. These are not just resolutions, but small goals towards which I will take definite steps. I have written them down in my journal, which allows me to look at them, see them and imbibe them as and when I want to, but this is my way of releasing them into the universe. So that at the end of the year, I will not only be able to assess how much I was able to achieve, but also give me a rather lengthy post to write 😛


How did this begin? Last year, my friend and mentor, and a super amazing woman Swapna Thomas of The Mom Views and Mom Biz Cafe, introduced me to the lovely Leonie Dawson. Her post about 6 Women Entrepreneurs to follow, inspired me to try and live my life in a better way than I was living. Swapna asked me to write one post about how my ideal day would look like, and it prompted me further to write about what my ideal year would look like. This is just one of those exercises which stretches your mind to believe more than your brain figures out.



So here goes:

1. Take at least 1 weekend by myself. (minus the hubby and the kids)

2. Bake at least 1 four tiered cake

3. Take the kids down to the garden and have picnics at least 6 times, and celebrate a painting day, picnic day, games day, crafts day, lazy day, and temporary tattoo day.

4. Make at least three paintings to frame and put up on the walls

5. Ask for a painting (made by the person themselves) as a birthday gift

6. Read at least 3 self help books

7. Write an e-book

8. Have “a picture a day” post on Mind Brew. Starting today, I post one beautiful photograph I find on the internet and my thoughts about it.

9. Detailed theme-based birthday party planning for Saee and Sayalee

10. Go on three romantic dates with the hubbs

11. Paint at least one room by myself.

12. Make a large photo print of hubbs, bubbs and me to put up in the living room

13. Get a beauty treatment once every month

14. Get three foot massages

15. Get two full body massages

16. Make three new friends

17. Have a “women and kids only” day out. Go to the water park and have fun

18. Visit Adlabs Imagica

19. Inculcate 12 new good habits this year

20. Save x amount of money each month

21. Put x amount of money in bubbs’ accounts

22. Get Sal’s passport ready

23. Save up for a trip abroad in 2o15

24. Learn how to budget well for the home and business

25. Sit with hubbs and understand all the policy documents

26. Lose 15 kgs

27. Reduce tea to two cups a day

28. Learn a new cuisine

29. Try Sushi

30. Write one short story every month

31. Make my business plan

32. Practice a song for hubbs and sing it for him.

33. Go scuba diving

34. Wear a swimming costume and go swimming

35. Learn to drive and get my driving license.

36. Knit a sweater for Sal.

37. Knit one for the hubbs.

38. Scrub my face twice a month

39. Moisturize every night before I go to bed

40. Brush Sal’s teeth (as hard as it may be) twice a day.

41. Establish a hair care regimen

42. Make a folder for next year

43.Have an overnight stay at a friend’s place with the kids

44. Grow my business to make x amount in profits

45. Let go of “approval-needing”

46. Have theme months

47. Simple exercises at home for four days a week

48. Enjoy exercising

49. Meditate at least three times a week

50. Enjoy writing once again

51. Get a pair of high heeled shoes “Tick-Tock”

52. Make chocolate walnut fudge

53. Begin and finish gratitude journal

54. Make artistic wall hangings

55. Make colorful bead curtains

56. Embroider a dress for Saee

57. Embroider a blankee for Sal.

58. Find my friends’ circle here in Thane

59. Learn to enjoy and love life

60. Make my online wedding album

61. Make wedding album collage

62. Make an online childhood album of hubbs and me.

63. Plant and nurture a chilli plant again

64. PLant and nurture a tomato plant again

65. Plant my own coriander and eggplants

66. Plant a rose plant

67. Tell a stranger they look beautiful. (Adopted this one from Leonie Dawson- a super amazing woman)

68. Help 3 old people

69. Visit an orphanage and find out how I can help them

70. Find and establish at least one family tradition

71. Let go of books you never read anymore

72. Design my own stickers and fridge magnets

73. Find a way to plan Saee’s day for her

74. Get a permanent tattoo

75. Listen to my favorite music everyday

76. Do at least one stage performance

77. Focus on eating healthy

78.Attend a parenting workshop

79. Learn pottery

80. Make at least one glass painting

81. Learn scrapbooking and make at least one scrapbook

82. Make a frame with quilled paper art

83. Read my goals at least once everyday

84. Learn to use the law of attraction

85. Visualize the good things in life

86. Make a vision board

87. Stay on track with my goals

88.Focus on my inner strengths

89. Visualize my ideal home

90. have one self planning retreat

91. Have two vacations this year

92. Improvise the blog content

93. Learn to make the pani puri from scratch

94. Learn to make pasta from scratch

95. Cut out sugar from my diet as much as possible

97. Find three home remedies that work

98. Learn a magic trick

99. Paint my toenails and keep them looking good

100. Stay positive.


I hope I am able to inspire someone, anyone to live their life the way they want to. I hope I am able to achieve everything that I have chalked out for this year.


11 thoughts on “100 Personal Goals for 2014

  1. This is the sweetest post ever! I don’t think I have inspired you in any way but just a gentle direction. You achieved the clarity and focus because you were ready and you were seeking it. I am sure that you will cross off everything on your list and what’s more you will have fun doing it! 🙂

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