Teenage love

“Go to your room, NOW!” She boomed at Annika. “You are so unfair!” Annika yelled back before running to her room. She looked at her retreating form, and thought dejectedly, this was going to be more difficult than she had anticipated. “She thinks she is in love. She is only fifteen and can’t see what I can.”

It was like a trip down the memory lane. Only now, it was her own mother trying to make her understand.

Predictably, her “true love” hadn’t been so true after all.

Anju missed her mom.

She wished she knew then, what she knew now.



Infatuation, is a common emotion among teenagers and adolescents who are toying with the idea of being an adult, and being in love while not being emotionally developed enough to make a sound judgement about a potential life partner. It is best to handle such an issue with your kids sensitively and with a lot of love and care.

The above post has been written for Write Tribe’s 100 words on Saturday 2014. Although I am late, it is still better late than never.


26 thoughts on “Teenage love

  1. Indeed a very dicey topic and one that I await with a tinge of dread as the years roll by. Wonderful take, Gauri.

  2. Agree, it is so tough to understand the wisdom of the parents at this adolescent stage. The realization dawns much later. Gauri, you have raised a very important and sensitive issue, which can be so nightmarish for parents!!

  3. I think its very complex and it’s the age where the young people want to explore things on their own. Quite a delicate situation expressed in a sensitive way, Gauri. I believe in dialogue where the child becomes your friend and point is not to aleniate them.

  4. That’s a thoughtful one! I like how the last line reveals Anju’s painful memory, and how she really wants to save her daughter from all that pain. Very well done, Gauri!

  5. A HUGE ditto to that. First time around, I married an abuser — everyone tried to warn me but, I was 18 and knew it all! Good capture of emotion on your post.

    • Oh my God Carol! I know what that’s like. My Dad would often drink too much and beat up my mom. Even though he never laid a finger on me or my brother, this was enough to cause fear and a perpetual resentment against him.
      I hope you are in a happy space now 🙂

  6. infatuation…….its difficult to make teenagers understand the difference
    its tough either ways being a teenager as well as being a parent to them…
    it calls for patience and thoughtfulness

  7. The gap between two generations can be bridged by putting one in the other’s situation…both think that they are at the worst side…but actually they complement each other

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