Planning a Princess Themed Birthday Party

My girl is going to be five this June, and when I asked her, she told me that she wanted to be a Princess this time.  Planning a Princess themed birthday party on a shoestring budget ain’t gonna be easy. But my Princess’ wish is my command right?

So I started doing a bit of a homework.

Here is a list of all the things that will have to be planned.


When I searched online I found no lack of ideas for Princess themed invitation cards. From Disney Princess to Castle shaped cards with official sounding wording, they seemed to do the trick. What I am looking for, though, is a bit personal. I want to design the card and make it myself. I don’t think I will be inviting more than ten guests, so making ten cards personally is not going to be daunting.


Long flowing gowns with a touch of velvet, or gorgeous crepe or georgette would be perfect. There should be a hint of glitter, like a diamond brooch. The whole outfit should speak ‘ROYAL’. I have found a similar dress for Saee. In a wonderful colour combination of grey and maroon, it is mainly tulle with a hint of velvet. And like I said, a diamond brooch right in the centre. It is perfect.


I made my own tiara for my princess and it has turned out quite beautifully. The total cost for the tiara came up to around Rs. 30 which is hardly anything. Then again, there is the added advantage of your daughter being proud of you! You can find my tutorial here.


Here is my tutorial on how to turn a chair into a throne. A princess must have her throne. Triangular paper buntings will adorn the ceilings. No party is ever complete without balloons, and there will be plenty of those. I might print a couple of Disney Princess characters and paste them to the wall so everyone knows that this is a princess themed party.



We may have games like pin the kiss on the frog. I think another fun idea would be to have a big white fabric and have all the girls make handprints with fabric paint on the cloth. They can then sign their names with a brush. I think it would make for a wonderful keepsake.

Party favors

A Disney Princess sippy cup would go with the theme. It is slightly overpriced than I thought. So I might go to the Mango store here in Thane to see what I can get which goes with the same theme.

I certainly hope I can make this party a success. Can anyone give me any more suggestions?


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