Sunday afternoon fun

Saee wanted tattoos. I don’t like those stick on tattoos that look great only for a second, and then leave ugly marks for days. They sit on tiny pretty arms and collect dust. They are hard to remove with soap too.

So instead, I asked her, what if she could have new tattoos everyday?

Of course she loved the idea, so I looked around in my house, gathered a few vegetables, and had fun.

We used okra, for obvious reasons. It makes for pretty pretty flowers. Stick the stem of okra onto the tiny forehead and you have a pretty okra monster as well!

okra monster

We painted the cut end of the okra red with food color. And then we had fun stamping it.

red okra

We also used a drumstick. We made three cuts along the corners and spread the petals a bit. There you go.


We used a yellow food color to make a yellow flower stamp.

saee yellow flw


Lastly we used a carrot, and some green food color.


And stamped leaves. Finally we used a paintbrush and made some green lines for the stems, and tada!

saee red tattoo




saee yellow tattoo


And the okra monster ate the carrot and lived happily ever after!

saee carrot


Is the okra monster cute?

Happy Sunday everyone!!!



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