P – DIY Projector from Shoebox for Kids

What a mad rush I had today! In between making cakes and making stuff and blogging, phew! Once April is over, I am so going to take a break from blogging. Wait, just a teeny tiny break. No, wait. Maybe not. I love blogging 😀

So today I have made a shoebox projector for my little girl.


This one is so cool, it had my baby floored! And the best part was, because I had most of these things at home, it didn’t cost me a penny, and I had made it in half an hour!

Here is a link of how to make it:


Here’s the things I used:

  • an old shoebox

  • a craft cutter

  • a magnifying glass

  • a support box

  • a mobile phone with videos

Place your magnifying glass in position on one side of the shoebox, and mark around it with a pencil. Now Cut along the pencil mark with a craft cutter. Place your magnifying glass in it. I didn’t need to secure it because it fit snugly.

In case it is loose, you can secure with the help of masking tape. Just make sure the tape doesn’t overlap on the magnifying glass lens.

Place a support box at the other end of the box.

That’s it! Your shoebox projector is ready!

And here it is 🙂



But here is the let down. I waited eagerly for night, to be able to record my projector in action. I put my babies to bed, and created a really dark room. It worked, in that I could very easily see the movie being displayed. At first the movie was being played upside down. Then I realized that you have to place your mobile upside down to view the movie correctly. Once that was done, the movie played beautifully. But alas, I couldn’t record it for want of a good video camera. The mobile camera doesn’t capture images in so much darkness 😦

Anyway, all I can do is to vouch for it. For less than 50 bucks I had a superb projector made out of a shoebox.

Do try it to see it for yourself 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and will make a similar one for your kids 🙂

Have fun DIYing!


This post has been written for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2014.

Also linking it to the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

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8 thoughts on “P – DIY Projector from Shoebox for Kids

  1. aaha 🙂 this is exciting. Reminds me of the camera which we once made for physics project at school. The focus was this, that we would see the inverted images. I guess the same principle worked here when you got the inverted images on the screen. !

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