Silent screams

It was an afternoon just like any other. She watched him snore away into oblivion. His eyes were half open. This was the way he slept when he was completely sloshed from drinking. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. The red and blue scar screamed violently the silent screams that she had held inside her for far too long. Her eye was red from bleeding. She touched the empty tooth socket with the tip of her tongue. It was still raw.


One look at the horrible excuse of a man before she brought out the knife. Quite quietly…

This post has been written for the Write Tribe’s 100 words on Saturday. The prompt was…


Quite quietly



5 thoughts on “Silent screams

  1. These stories just have not stopped… Women are abused…. & the man can just give one excuse.. He was under high influence of alcohol.. What a shame!!
    Well written… 100 words.. but enough to put ahead the point..

  2. Poignant and powerful write up Gauri.. It is depressing to see such things in our society and may be like her, other women going through same pain make their way, may be in not this way, may be some other way!

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