My Favorite Baby Movies

Too bad Bollywood doesn’t come up with some fresh and funny baby movies. The last one that had a baby as a central theme was a total rip off of my favorite Hollywood baby movie.

Three Men and a Baby

Cover of "Three Men and a Baby"

Cover of Three Men and a Baby

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you really don’t know what you are missing. I mean, really who do you watch the movie for? An uber-cute baby or three handsome men trying to woo the little baby! The storyline hasn’t much to boast about. Three bachelors who live together in an obscene sized apartment in Manhattan, literally living it up with girls, parties and not much responsibility to boast about, suddenly wake up one day to a baby outside their door, with a note in its crib from her mother. They don’t know who the baby belongs to, but now that they have a baby they must take care of her. And they do it with hilarious results ūüėÄ

My favorite scene in the movie is the three men singing to the little baby so she can sleep. I find myself smiling subconsciously every time I watch this particular scene.

Man, how I wish I could do that with my baby!

Baby’s Day Out

This one’s a no-brainer, really. Who wouldn’t love to watch a teensy weensy baby take on fully grown men, thugs at that, to teach them a lesson of their lifetime. The baby Bink, is cute to say the least. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and very very chubby cheeks.

Cover of "Baby's Day Out"

Cover of Baby’s Day Out

I usually laugh throughout the movie, and so does my daughter, but this is the scene which I enjoy smirking at the most!

This is a ten minute video of the movie because I couldn’t find just a clipping of the most hilarious scene.

Look Who’s Talking

John Travolta? I mean come on! Do women ever really find such men in real life? Just look at him bonding with the baby in this movie and it is sure to make your heart go boom, boom, boom! Watch Kirstie Alley being robotic as she wakes up in the night to her screaming baby. Bruce Willis as the voice of Mikey is brilliant to say the least!

Cover of "Look Who's Talking"

Cover of Look Who’s Talking

Yup, we all look like that… only, less cute. ūüė¶

These are my favorite baby movies of all time. Which is yours?


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