K – DIY Keychains A to Z Blogging Challenge

I love keychains, and I love having assorted keychains for assorted keys. My project today is so simple, it was made in less than fifteen minutes.

Of course, I made it on my sewing machine, but you can just as easily make it with fabric glue.


I wish I had listened to some sound advice about scheduling your posts before April begins. Even though I have ten posts scheduled, it is still getting extremely stressful to say the least.

But with the kind of blog love that is being shown my way, I am sure I will pull through.

Now my keychain was heart shaped but you can make it with any shape you want.

Things I used:

  • One piece of felt fabric
  • cotton
  • black marker


First I made an outline of the heart shape and then cut it out.

Next I started sewing along the borders, but left the top unstitched.

I also cut a small rectangular piece that would go at the top of the heart.

Now I turned the project inside out so the sewn borders go inside. I stuffed the pocket formed, with some cotton so it looks puffy.

With the free borders tucked in all round the top, and the rectangular piece positioned at top so the the ends are within the heart and the loop is outside, I started stitching around the borders again.

I went all around the heart. Double stitching is always a good idea.

Next I used a black marker to make the eyes and the smile. I have to have a smile everywhere. It’s just the way I am 😀

I wanted to do this step with googly eyes but I had run out of them. So I made do with a marker.


Now I just threaded a ring through the loop, and inserted a key in the ring.

Ta Da! My keychain is ready!

All the parts where I have sewn, you can simply use fabric glue to stick around the corners, and let it set. Once it has set, you can insert the cotton.

Do make your own and share with me when you are done.

Happy DIYing!!


13 thoughts on “K – DIY Keychains A to Z Blogging Challenge

    • hahahaha Corinne, my hands are full as it is 🙂 God only knows I am owl eyed from reading such awesome blogs. It’s like reading a good book, you are so tired you want to shut your eyes but your mind won’t let you!

  1. Another super creative post and looking for more so that I learn from you and design stuffs. Btw, I decided to use my jeans to make some stuffs like pockets to keep things:)

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