Huggies Dry Diapers – Product Review

You know that feeling when you enter the superstore, and you want something but can’t decide. There are scores of brands of the one product you want to buy, but you don’t know which one is the best.

It becomes even more crucial when you are buying something for your baby. Every mother wants what is best for her baby. Disposable diapers are something that is used everyday. Disposable diapers are known to cause diaper rashes. My older daughter, Saee, even caught a fungal infection because of diaper usage. I didn’t want the same for my younger daughter. But no matter what I did, the diaper which I was using earlier, kept causing diaper rash.

I thought it must be the excessive summer heat that’s causing the rash. Until somewhat reluctantly (because of the unavailability of the previous brand of diapers) I bought Huggies Dry Diapers. The reason I never bought this before, is because of the re-fastenable straps. The lower edge of these straps almost always hurts the baby’s delicate thighs. It causes an uncomfortable redness in this region. That is why I preferred the pant-style diapers.

huggies 1

But out of compulsion when I had to use these diapers, I was pleasantly surprised. The diaper rash is gone! The diapers also don’t feel wet for a really really long time.

huggies 2

I was a bit worried about the straps causing irritation, but that doesn’t seem to be happening yet. Yeah, baby was earlier used to the comfy stretchy diapers and hence she gets a little bit cranky about the diapers that feel snug around her waist, but that’s something that lasts only a few seconds.

The straps are of really good quality. They stay well in position no matter how much the baby moves, and trust me, my baby moves a lot. A whole lot. And if for some reason you want to open the straps, you can refasten them just as easily without a problem.

huggies 4


Price-wise it is slightly on the higher side. It cost me Rs. 340 for a pack of 30 diapers. But knowing  that my baby is more comfortable without the uncomfortable rash, I wouldn’t mind buying this product again.

However, I must make a small note in addition, that this review doesn’t apply for other Huggies diapers, like Huggies Pant Style diapers which I haven’t used before. This only applies for Huggies Dry Diapers.

The next two images I found while looking for Huggies diaper images on the net, and I think they are just toooooo cute so I am posting them here.

huggies 5 huggies 3


Cute, and cuter!

Have a lovely Monday morning!



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